We are very happy that you chose the Second Heaven to spend this precious time in the presence of God. We pray that you have a spiritual renewal and a blessed time. Second heaven is starting with Weekend retreats with hope to extend to weekdays retreats in the future.

Below you will find some information that will help you in your preparation and to be able to gain the best experience:

Before Arrival

Bring your Bible, Agpeya, spiritual books and personal needs.

Bring your linen’s, covers and toiletries. 

bring your personal food for your stay

Upon Arrival

Center Doors will be open starting 3 pm for those who would like to come earlier.

Center kitchen is equipped with basic needs for utensils and complimentary coffee and tea.

Basic cooking needs also are available including Salt, pepper, and Oil.

Rules for Guest Rooms:

Please follow these instructions and rules:

  • + Label all personal food items.
  • + Please Do not order food from restaurants into the center
  • +  Please Do not place personal items on unoccupied beds so as to keep them available for other guests who may share the same room with you ( only for double bunk rooms).
  • + Please Do not gather around the area immediately in front of the guesthouses, especially after the morning service and during quiet hours.
  • + The opportunity for enjoying silence and solitude is a special part of your retreat. Please share this and maintain the quiet of the surroundings and respecting the privacy of other people who seek same goal.
  • + Please do not forget to bring bedding, covering/sleeping bag, food, and toiletries.               

Quite Hours

Although we kindly ask all visitors to be quiet and orderly while at the Center at all times, you are expected to be silent during the Center’s Quiet Hours, which are mentioned in the schedule and includes: Fridays: 5-7 pm, Saturdays 10:00 Am-12:30 pm, and 3-6 pm, Sundays 9-10:30 Am and after 11 pm.

Agahapy/Meal Time

The center is equipped with a small kitchen for preparation of simple meals. We ask that each guest bring his/her food.

The Center will join in Communal meal on Saturday Lunch meal.. Please maintain quietness during the meal especially during Agahpy time as a reading for our spiritual nourishment takes place following the orthodox Monastic Customs

Before leaving

We would appreciate if the rooms and Kitchen could be kept clean after your visit and please don’t leave food or personal items behind. We pray that your experience is a positive one and to remember this ministry


Donations are much appreciated. Suggested donation is $30/night, $15/day

For contact or any questions please email us at reservations@thesecondheaven.org