The Second Heaven – Theo-tokos

For those who long to practice the life of silence and meditation following the footsteps of our Lord and the church fathers, or for those who seek to know about the orthodox faith in a practical way, The Second Heaven Personal retreat House was established.

Who we are

Come & See is a non-profit Christian Orthodox organization with a vision and passion to spread the Orthodox faith to all people.

Our goal is to create a place where people learn and practice the life of the apostles and fathers of the church, bringing the early church life back with more disciples for Jesus Christ from all nations.

This comes from our faith that through the life of silence and prayer, the Holy Spirit will bring forth both spiritual and psychological healing needed for renewal and the fruitful abundant life with which our lord has promised us.

Rooms in our Retreat House are available by reservation to adults (men, women and couples) who wish to spend several days in quietness and prayer. There are no conferences, nor is there a rigid program to follow, but we encourage you to attend our communal services.